Be Still And Know He is Near — 18 Comments

  1. I love this post Janis! Terrific sea shell picture, and that’s exactly what I do too! It also leads me to dream that someday the Flicker Chicks should hit the beach! It’s only appropriate! : ) Talked to Marsha, she’s interested in October too. I’ll get back to you!

  2. OH! And that’s the second time someone posted Still for me to see. I think the Lord might be telling me something!!!! Love it! I go outside to remember Him. I see Him in the sunlight, the trees, the sky.

  3. Living by the beach, I just adore this WFW. Only, we don’t have shells, especially not beautiful ones like your picture.

    Beautiful song too Janis. I know most of Hillsong songs, but have not heard this one… it is very soothing.

    Bless you dear one, this WFW!

  4. When God seems far away, I look for Him in His Word. Just today I had some “issues” I was praying about. I wrote down my thoughts, and ended by saying, “Please become REAL to me.” Then when I opened my Bible, and did my daily read-through passages, RIGHT THERE were EXACTLY the verses I needed to hear. It was like He SPOKE to me! Oh Lord, thank you for Your gracious Presence – for the REALITY of who You are, even when You seem far away.
    Thanks for sharing, Janis!


  5. GORGEOUS picture Janis!
    You know it’s funny, I believe He pulls us back so that we will have no other option than to “be still.” Being present is usually what we’ve forgotten to do…
    I LOVE this and it’s a reminder that I can certainly use!


  6. Thanks Janis! Now living in the hills of WV, I often miss the Gulf shores. Your picture reminds me of not only stilling myself before Him but of His faithfulness to reach down touching my emptiness.


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