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    • Hi Loretta, thank you for stopping by today from Five-Minute-Friday. Counting our blessings will give us the strength and hope to continue through this difficult season. We know God will have the victory!

      From My Heart to Yours,

  1. Yes, the holidays have crossed my mind…..Thanksgiving……Christmas…..what to do? Where to go? Portland? Alexandria? Or just stay home🤷🏼‍♀️ It will be a year that we have seen those two sons and grands come the holidays. I think we are sort of ignoring it?? Hmmmmm I’m sure we aren’t the only ones 😉

    • Hi Patti, It’s a year of decisions that normally we wouldn’t have to think twice about. I just read something from another writer on making decisions and some of it recalled the way Tom and I used to make those decisions involving change in our family. Lay out the pros and cons, study them, take them to the Lord, listen for His direction, make your decision and move forward, knowing that God covers you with His grace if your decision isn’t Perfect. Because we’ve sought His face, His grace is sufficient for us. Thanks to Susan Shipe for reminding me of this habit.
      I also know for us, we’ve stepped out in some areas where the virus question hung in the foreground of our decision. But moving forward has brought us freedom and love as we have embraced those we love once again.
      Thank you, Patti, for always commenting on my posts. Your presence here lifts my spirits.

      From My Heart to Yours,

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