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  1. I’ve been feeling a little like God in Malachi, actually thinking “If I am their mother, where is my respect?” It was terribly convicting to think that is how God might feel about me. I pray I treat Him and all His creation with the respect deserved.

    • Hi Amie, I’m sure you do treat God with the respect He deserves. Just your mention of it shows that you do. And I totally understand wishing we had that respect from others. As we train our children in respect, give them a listening ear, eventually we will hear a little bit more respect. But it does take maturity and a few lessons in life for them to learn that respect. Don’t give up hope and continue to demonstrate your respect for God and for them, still setting boundaries, and you’ll find your heart lighten up.

      From My Heart to Yours,

  2. I love Luke 12:4-7. God tells us we shouldn’t be afraid of people. If we’re going to fear anyone it should be God because of His great power. God doesn’t forget the sparrows and we are worth so much more. God loves us and doesn’t want us to be afraid of him. Many take the small part of this scripture, “Fear the one who has the power to kill you,” out of context and use it to promote fear. I’m all about love, so thank you, Janis, for your encouraging blog. I’m leaving a link to the devotional/blog I wrote on this just last week. Thanks, Jody

    • Hi Jody,
      Thank you for your encouraging thoughts about this Scripture. I’m glad it blessed you. I will stop by your devotional and see what you wrote on the verse as well.

      From My Heart to Yours,

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