The Desert Bloomer

Welcome to my place where crimson sunsets meet mountain peaks or prickly cactus. I’m a desert dweller with a longing for those wet places where ocean waves crash against jagged rocks or roll along sandy beaches. When we moved here with my husband’s job transfer, Tom promised that I’d have plenty of sandy beaches—just without the rolling waves. He’s my funny man who keeps my heart light.

Besides the peaceful ocean waves, I love Jesus most of all. He is the light in my darkness, my refuge in the storm, my hiding place, and the lover of my soul. Here amidst my writings, I hope to inspire Christian women through my journey and the stories other women share. Together may we see God’s fingerprints and hear His whispers on what at times can feel like a broken path.

 Sprinkled throughout my writings will be lighthearted anecdotes, family stories, relational issues, and perhaps a recipe tucked in here or there. You see, I’m also a lover of family, friends, long talks, side-splitting laughter, photography, baking, reading, sometimes gardening, and chocolate. Blogging helps me to network with other Christian women and share our experiences, our goals, our visions. 

Amazingly, some of the greatest revelations on this journey have come here in the desert when I began writing a blog many years ago. The love of writing, though, began in my college years. I’ve always been a people person so interviewing others and hearing their stories intrigued me. It propelled me on a career of writing and editing for some large companies until the Lord called me to be a Wife and eventually a full-time Mom to two adopted sons, now grown men.

 I’m glad you’ve decided to join me on this journey where I’ve learned that even in the desert, the glory of God’s creation is majestic. He has taught me that here in the desert I can bloom.

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Janis Van Keuren - Writing Heart Filled Moments
Janis Van Keuren - Writing Heart Filled Moments