A New Chapter in His Majestic Creation — 8 Comments

  1. Janis, you will know how much I appreciated this post! There really is nothing like the beauty of God’s creation. But yes, it is hard sometimes when trips bring back memories. Sometimes I miss so much the days when the boys were home, and the many moments we shared growing up. But this I know, God has a plan for EVERY season in our lives!


    (#998 – has Chip been having problems??)

  2. Hi Janis, I see you made it to 1001 in this trip 🙂 I know your heart on having to camp without the kids anymore. Where does the time go? Looks like you all had a wonderful time. We all just need to get away don’t we? I hope you will stop over again, I looked to see if you had a BlogLovin button so I could follow you. Pray you have an amazing life and many more adventures in HIM!!
    Blessings, Roxy

    • Hi Roxy,
      Glad you came to visit. I added the BlogLovin button. Hope you come back and follow. Have a blessed day.
      From My Heart to Yours,

  3. Hi Janis! Aww…this is so wonderful. I know you miss the kids, but having this special time with your husband, and making new friends is pretty great too.

    Congrats on the good news from the doctor!

  4. Janis, We really enjoy camping with our kids, making us feel like we’re all sort of living “in the wild” even though we have soft beds and AC. 🙂 … Your trip looks delightful.

    So glad you linked up with #TellHisStory!

  5. Janis –
    I LOVED this post. For many reasons. Your trip looks absolutely beautiful. May God bless you in this new season of life. KNOW that this post has been used by Him! I am visiting from Winsome Wed. & I am so grateful that I did!

  6. Wow you are now past #1000! I love your thankful heart. And yes, you are now in a new season of life. You have wonderful family memories with your kids. And now it’s time for you and the hubby to create new memories. Actually camping sounds fun to me. Anything to have 30 degrees cooler than Phoenix would be fabulous. 🙂

    Blessings and love,