America~A Land Brimming With Blessings — 7 Comments

  1. Janis:

    You have listed many things that we often take for granted because we have grown accustomed to them. May we never forget the ones who have fought to maintain our freedom. I pray also that America would return to the values she was founded upon.


  2. Amen, Janis. As we remember, let us never forget the Author of our lives, our freedom, and all beauty. Love to you this Memorial Day.

  3. We are so tremendously blessed in this country. And I think we all too often take our freedom for granted. I join you in remembering those who serve the cause of freedom, and who dedicate their lives to preserving it.

    May we never forget their sacrifice…


  4. I was able to read your blog better today because it stretched across my whole computer but didn’t do that yesterday so I had a hard time reading it and getting to full story and picture. It was so well written and beautiful! I loved it!!


  5. AMEN!

    Thank You Lord for each and every blessing that we far too often take for granted.

    Janis, this is so beautifully worded and such a wonderful multitude of gratitude! You painted a picturesque view of our nation in all its God given beauty but the words on FREEDOM are TRUTH and Grace from a God so worthy of all our praise!

    You’re doing great on your list, well over 600 now…Woo hoo…it does not take long when we count the wonder of each day! Thanks for sharing this with such great inspiration.

    Peace and God bless America,