Asian on The Menu–Indonesian Beef Cooked at Home — 9 Comments

  1. Yum! That sounds and looks delicious!
    I’m always looking for something new to try, so I’ll copy this recipe and give it a go! Thank you.

    Your story of tripe made me laugh. Sometimes it’s better not to know what we’re eating! 🙂

  2. Oh, phooey. I just picked up a bunch of stomach lining for dinner tonight. 😉

    Your recipe looks delicious–I’m trying to stretch myself a little in the kitchen (and encourage my kids to eat more variety).

    We aren’t ready for stomach lining, but I think we are ready for Indonesian beef (I like your disclaimer “cooked at home”)!

  3. Looks delicious, Janis…and I can almost smell the flavors leaping off the page!!

    By the way, I don’t even want to know why “stomach lining” was FUZZY! I may never be able to eat a noodle again!!


  4. Oh, so sorry, Sharon. Just remember that noodles are smooth and silky. It will help! Or you could switch to rice which goes well with the Indonesian Beef and most Asian dishes.

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s been fun.

    From My Heart to Yours,