Believing What God Says About Me — 8 Comments

  1. oh Janis!!! Happy Birthday to you precious sister… I hope you have a wonderful day.

    I love the cute little Janis lol. What a darling little girl she was, grown into such a beautiful woman of God. She is precious, she is marvelously made, she is perfect in His sight! And, what is not perfect, He will be sure to bring it into perfection in the loving way that He does.

    I can’t believe I am seeing this beautiful Psalm again tonight! I just saw it a few minutes ago on another blog and I mentioned there that this have been a long time personal favourite of mine because God used it so powerfully to speak to me on numerous occasions. I love it…

    God bless you Janis! Love and hugs xxx

  2. Happy birthday, Janis! God used this message to speak to me today. I have been in the midst of some unsettling, uncomfortable confrontations with people. I hate it. I realize that people approval is very important to me. Thank you for sharing with me today, on your birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!

    I am struggling to believe what God says about me too! BUT-He is Truth, and His Word is Truth, so I know that anything I believe that is contrary to His Word is a lie! I’m having to change my mindset completely!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend!!

    You are just too cute in your little majorette boots! You have the same adorable smile…

    We are significant to God – can you imagine anything greater?!

    I really liked this: “He had a purpose in the way He made me. He had someone specific in mind. With His hands He wove and molded my being with His artistic flare.”

    To imagine that I am a “work of art” – created by the Creator of EVERYTHING…Almost too awesome to comprehend.

    God did a wonderful work when He created Janis – you are a special person…gifted, humble, and caring. It’s a pleasure knowing you, and sharing in the inspirational and encouraging words you write!


  5. Friends, you have blessed my day immensely! May the God of all goodness shower you with His grace, love, peace, and joy as you follow Him.

    Each of you is a wonderful creation of the Lord’s. You beautiful sisters-in-the-Lord.

    You humble me.

    From My Heart to Yours,