Blooming in Barrenness — 14 Comments

  1. Janis, sometimes the Lord just makes me smile! Would you believe that I also posted something today about those verses from Lamentations?! And about the power of that word – *yet*.

    Yes, even in the middle of a barren season, when our souls are parched and thirsty, YET we will have hope. The Lord will once again bring SONshine to our souls!


    • It’s so encouraging to know that the Holy Spirit confirms His word to us through others. Thank you for blessing me, Sharon. Yes, we will once again see the SONshine in our souls!

  2. Janis, That was truly a wonderful blog you wrote. He who began a good work in each of us will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. (And I always add, and it is going to take that long for me!!!) What you said was so beautifully written!!! ILuvU

    I just can’t understand why you picked me as one of your winners. I didn’t think what I wrote back was that exceptional…. You are welcome to give it to someone else!!!

    • Karen, thank you for stopping by this morning and for your words of wisdom! I guess I’ll always be under construction as we all will be.

      You won based on a simple drawing~names in the bowl, select one.
      I know you’ll enjoy this book.

      Blessings, Janis

  3. This is beautiful, Janice. And, it is such an encouragement to me – thank you! When we go through painful times and the journey is especially hard, our God’s mercies each day are the water we need for our thirsty souls!

    Blessings, Joan

  4. Beautiful post, Janis. It has me humming the words to the hymn “Great is Your Faithfulness.” Such wonderful encouragement. YAY for published devotional!! Blessings to you, friend.

    • A good song to be humming. The words fill our soul with encouragement! And thank you for noting my devotional. Hoping I will do more.

  5. Oh Janis, I know the beauty of the desert and I know the very real heat in the summer months. It can be easy to feel dried out and barren. But God in His graciousness restores us and fills our need and our thirst. He is so good.

    Blessings and love,