Bouncing Along the Twists and Curves of the Christian Life — 4 Comments

  1. Can you imagine if your parents never took you on any challenging adventures? Just straight, safe, uneventful paths?
    God’s switchback path for each of us is much more scenic and precious than a straight dash through life.
    This is a great lesson to understand how God leads us through trials that develop our character.

    • Honey,
      Thank you for your insight and depth you brought here. I think we’d all like a path without the trials but with the character development. That’s not a reality. Side trips are fun when we’re out sightseeing but not when we want to make it quickly to our destination. But this makes me recall the crazy drives you took with our toddler in the car, asking him which way to turn. His smart mind picked up that he could tell you a different direction and make the trip more fun!
      From My Heart to Yours Always,

  2. When I think of a switchback road, I think of hiking up a mountain, traversing back and forth as you climb. Even though it is steep to climb, the switchback road makes it easier to reach the top!! As the Lord leads us on our Life journey, He is there at every switchback turn, growing us and leading us as we climb up the Mountain of Life. Thank you Janis for these encouraging thoughts! -Ceal-

    • Cecelia, you have added such wisdom and insight to this post. Traversing the switchback trail does make it easier to climb the mountain. As I wrote the story, I thought about the allegory of “Little Miss Much Afraid” in Hannah Whitall Smith’s book, “Hinds Feet in High Places.” Sometimes the view is beautiful and the scenery is gorgeous but then we hit clouds and slippery gravel sending us into a rash of anxiety. We have forgotten what the Good Shepherd has already accomplished for us. That’s me too often. Love you, friend.

      From My Heart to Yours,

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