Chicken Alfredo–The Guys’ Rendition — 5 Comments

  1. Those guys weren’t intimidated one bit, were they?! I love that they just grabbed what they needed and made it happen. Makes me think of Sandra Lee’s semi-homemade concept of starting with some things jarred or packaged and then bringing in other fresh stuff, combining in a new way to make it your own–this is the guys’ version.

    And it looks delicious! Thanks for telling this story and linking up to Food on Fridays.

  2. Ann, You are right. They were not intimidated and jumped into this adventure with relish–or should I say Alfredo Sauce?

    You’ll have to try this easy, quick, and tasty meal. Perfect for one of those long days when you just want to collapse at the end.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  3. My boys always liked to cook. They are even now both the main cooks in their families. Carrie, not so much. One of the small pleasures of having grown children is having them cook YOU a meal. I always love it. They derive so much joy from doing it!