Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn — 5 Comments

  1. Now that treat has my name all over it!!! That is one of those foods that is hard to stop eating once you start. Would make wonderful Christmas gifts also.
    Have a great weekend, Janis.

  2. I have to hurry with this comment – I suddenly have a craving for popcorn, followed by a chocolate chaser!

    Oh, you tempt me, my friend…


  3. Oh! Be still my heart (or…be still my tastebuds?)!

    Wow, that combination sounds perfect–salty-sweet, with the sweet being chocolate? I love little surprises like finding a memorable treat or finding a nice scene to photograph or meeting a new friend or discovering a great book in a little bookstore off the town square.

    Good thing you got those photos before it was too far gone! 🙂