Come Away With Him — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Janis,

    A joy to read your post and look at your wonderful pictures. Our Lord is Good and He Does Know Best, why do we sometimes doubt that or get in the way of what He is doing.

    Praise Him that He is merciful and understands your anxieties and weaknesses and mine (which are many and for which I am eternally grateful, even though I don’t always tell Him)

    God Bless – Nita

  2. What a beautiful post full of pictures and inspiration from your real life situation. Thank you for your encouraging words and a reminder that God is in control and His ways are better than our ways.
    So glad you were able to rest and recharge.
    Praying you have a beautiful, grace filled week.

  3. OH, what a wonderful time to get away. I’m glad God ministered to your soul. I live in Southern California and we had a huge rain today again and they said the mountains will be full of snow again!

  4. So glad you had a great retreat in such beautiful and peaceful surroundings. My hubby is seeking a spiritual retreat for a few days as I type. I pray that his time is as fruitful as yours was. Thanks for giving us the highlights, Janis!

  5. What a blessing you were able to go and experience His promptings and comfort. Beautiful touch your friend put the flowers in her guest room for you.

  6. What wonderful pix you have to remember this special time! So glad you had this opportunity to renew and refresh.
    Our son and our daughter both enlisted in the Air Force right out of high school. It was truly the best thing for them. It allowed them to have freedom within parameters and taught them that home wasn’t so bad after all. 🙂 Praying for your youngest.

  7. Oh, my friend. I’m so grateful for the friends who ministered to you during this little respite. It looks like such a lovely time. I have kept you in my prayers. I’m glad to hear the Lord is renewing your spirit in all this. Much love.

  8. Our time was truly memorable and you wrote about it so beautifully. The pictures truly give a true description of the highlights of that time. Thank-you for coming my friend. I love you!!!

  9. I’m so glad you took this opportunity to get away during spring break! It sounds like it was just what you needed too. I love the photos and the fun with cousins. One of these days you might venture up to Phoenix for a bloggy get together.

    Blessings and love,