Does Your New Year Hold Promise — 5 Comments

  1. You know, Janis, I rarely approach a new year with a gung-ho attitude. Seems I almost dread the troubles that may come. Yes, it’s just that pesky *glass-half-empty* attitude that I seem to harbor most of the time.

    But, God gave me a Word for 2014 that is quite surprising to me. (I’m revealing it next Monday). I wonder what He’s up to…

    Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas. May this New Year be full of many blessings. I look forward to sharing our journeys and our friendship in the days ahead.


  2. Hi Janis, I love this analogy with blooms. It is my responsibility to make sure I am planted in good soil. I want to soak up the word and I want to surround myself with people who love the Lord. I want to grow, and I want to bloom, for HIM.
    God bless and I pray the year ahead is very blessed