Finding Joy in the Desert — 10 Comments

  1. omigoodness – this whole post is breathtaking – with what color does He paint the skies!

    Thank you for linking up with Three – this is a treat I wouldn’t have wanted to miss!

  2. Thank you for showing an artist from the midwest that there is something out there besides blue. Thank you for bringing me this joy in full color today!


    Thank you for sharing them, I am grateful I came!

    Blessings and much joy over you!

  4. Kelly~So glad you enjoyed the sunsets. They’re a real treat for us here in Arizona. A blessing at the end of a hot day!

    Carol~You have some beautiful green out there in the midwest that I definitely enjoy and wouldn’t mind a little more of! Thanks for stopping by.

    Becky~Glad you came by and enjoyed the sunsets. Drop in again some time.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  5. Janis,
    Absolutely breathtaking pictures. I’m “oohing” and “aahing” out loud!

    In what difficulty situation have I found joy? Hmmm…sometimes when I’ve been sick, I find a quiet place inside where He feels close. Maybe because I feel small, and helpless – and yet, I know He’s with me, healing me.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely Arizona sky…


  6. Wow! those were awesome photos of our wonderful skies here in Arizona! Your blog was exceptional as well. I took some similar pictures one morning on one of my walks and was wanting to get them to you but I see you have already gotten and many more!!Good job, Sister!!!

  7. breath-taking! a stunning contribution to ‘joy’. my crew loves watching the Master Artist paint His canvas every evening as well. we have been out in the country for a few years now and have gone through some very difficult times, but this gorgeous sky!! His love and care always seems so personal and tender as we gaze on His sunsets…I don’t know why, but it just blesses us so!