Finding Rest in Friendship and Slowing Down — 11 Comments

  1. Lovely. SOmetimes it is so hard to pull away from the tasks at hand, but when we do, it can be shocking how uncomplicated making that time really was. It makes us want to make that space more often. I have always found that good friends and fancy tea (or coffee) make those spaces pretty special. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This is such a beautiful post. Spending time with good friends is an important way to refresh ourselves.

    You reminded me of a day, several years ago, when I had a day to myself–an exceedingly rare event. I spent most of the day cleaning out the bedroom closet. While I had a sense of accomplishment, I later regretted that I hadn’t done something more restorative. That was before I realized that it’s good–and not selfish–to take care of ourselves.

  3. So true! I love how friendship keeps me going when I just want to quit. A friend who loves the Lord is a bit of refreshment like no other.

  4. Your top photo caught my eye! My mother has (had) tea cups exactly like those two! I believe I own both of them now, but they are packed away in a box in my basement. You have encouraged me to bring them upstairs and use them!


  5. May each of you find the rest the Lord calls you to, and may it bring you joy beyond what you have planned.
    And, Linda, get those teacups out to enjoy today. For this day is the special occasion the Lord has given you. Thanks for visiting.

    Sheryl, how true! Friendships founded in the Lord bring refreshment and endurance when we want to give up. So glad you have found that treasure of friendship.

    Melissa, glad you discovered that time spent in rest, perhaps with others or just alone with the Lord, brings a greater satisfaction than a clean house. It’s a lesson I have to keep learning.

    Susan and Better is Possible, “girly heaven” is a beautiful respite in the desert. And divinely feminine.

    Dunlizzie, we are so work oriented that it really is hard to pull away. But I have learned that we must be ready for the Lord’s blessed interruptions. This Bible Study is teaching me!

    From My Heart to Each of Yours,

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Our tea was yesterday afternoon. It’s so nice to actually spend time with fellow bloggers. There were 9 of us there this time. Those little tea rooms are really special.

  7. Oh what a lovely spring break time! Time with friends are what keep me going so often when i just want to crash and burn. They are God’s blessing when I am weak.

  8. A tea house get away with a friend sounds lovely and relaxing ideed. Flowers are beautiful too. I found you on Ann Kroekers “slow down fast” site. Her post was Music and Silence.