For Where Your Treasure Is…. — 19 Comments

  1. I absolutely LOVED that study when I did it!!! I love that our God does not just renovate. He completely changes us. May God bless you & your blog as you follow Him! I was your neighbor this morning at Spiritual Sundays 🙂

    • jviola79~thank you for visiting. I’m happy to hear you loved that study. It’s so interesting how God works. This is actually my second time through this study but my ears are hearing new messages.

      From My Heart to Yours,

  2. Now that you have “opened your Ears, to the Lord,” you are now hearing from Him and being transformed by Him, and now, you are able to share those “Heart Filled Moments,” with others and truly be a blessing!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!! I love you,

    • My dearest friend, Ceal~You are always an encouragement to me. Thank you for the validation that I am walking where the Lord desires. Hope all is well with you. Love you and miss you.

      From My Heart to Yours,

  3. Dear Janis
    I have been telling my husband the same thing the other day. Our Pappa does not taken the sin filled us and make it better; no He comes to live in us and give us a new spirit. Then He lives ahis life in and through us. Otherwise it would not be the fruit of the His Spirit, but the fruit of our self efforts!
    Much love XX

  4. Transformation is something I’ve been studying and reading about lately. And Beth Moore is so right. How thankful I am that it’s God’s work and not something I can do to be better. His grace is so amazing! I simply need to believe and submit myself to Him. I love when He works in me and through me to reach others for His glory.

    I think we’re on the same page Janis!

    Blessings and love,

  5. I love seeing the Lord work–changing our hearts to more clearly share Him. Blessings on you as you study God’s Word and allow Him to continue to change your focus.

  6. “I left Bible Study last Tuesday night wanting to drench myself in God’s word. My soul hungered to read chapters, not just verses, simply for the pleasure of being in His word and His presence.” I’ve copied that Janis because this is how I’ve felt this week too. Messages from time with my small group and our pastor’s series on grace have me thirsting for more of Him. I loved this—“drench myself in God’s word.” Thank you for sharing. I was blessed by your heart here.

  7. Very good, Janis. It is evident that God is truly tugging at your heart. Phil 1:6. Have a fruit-filled day like a sandwich of God’s word and our heart!! Karen

  8. It is amazing how God can use our weakness as He transforms us to show His strength. I love it so much!