Friendship, Heritage, and a Lemon Tree — 4 Comments

  1. Your post was must enjoyable. We have two lemon trees and love them. They do not produce as much as your large tree, but we have enough to use and share. Thank you for your delightful post here at Tell me a Story.

  2. Beautiful painting, beautiful words, beautiful memories. I so enjoy reading what you have to say, friend! We have exactly two fruit trees up here on our property in the mountains. They have not grown one single bit in the three years we’ve lived here. Sometimes I see deer nibbling the green leaves off of the little branches. But, they are still alive, and prove to me that even in the harshest climates, it is possible to withstand adversity. Good life lesson, too!


  3. Janis, years ago my husband and I traveled to Italy on a vacation. We loved Capri and all the lemons. We also went on a rowboat into the Blue Grotto. What an amazing experience! Greg’s grandfather is from Italy and we were able to go to the little town where he grew up. It’s so different from Arizona!

  4. Oh, how this makes me wish we lived in a citrus-friendly climate so we could grow plentiful lemons and oranges! You make me crave those flavors (as well as a visit to Italy…and Arizona!).