Friendships That Go the Distance — 7 Comments

  1. What lovely thoughts on friendship. I especially appreciated these words: “When God brings along those who can walk through life with us, we are blessed with His image living in another.” So very true. Thank you for sharing your story and perspective on friendship. Visiting this morning from Still Saturday.

  2. Rich thoughts and a beautiful story about true friendships. More Grace to you, Donna
    Visiting from Sunday Stillness.

  3. A beautiful, authentic, heart warming post. It affirms my own feelings and thoughts about family and friends. Loved your words, your photos, and your heart as shared here. Blessings on your day…

  4. This was beautiful, Janis. I must take this opportunity to thank YOU for being a very good friend. Your recent email was so encouraging, so uplifting to my heart. Thank you for that. I will never forget our IRL visit, nor will I ever take for granted the fact that God brought you and I together. Though we might not talk all the time, still I know that you are *out there* praying – and I am doing the same for you.

    One of God’s greatest gifts is HIS friendship – and the blessing of friendship with others who share His love and unity.

    May the Lord continue to uphold you with fellow soldiers in this thing called *life* – as we uphold each other in the good fight for faith!