Growing Tulips In The Desert — 7 Comments

  1. My garden this year after a decade of drought is such a living testimony to the beauty of a well watered garden……it is so easy to praise His glorious grace.
    But I remember finding Him in the desert, where the sand is Holy ground…..and have left that song at the bottom of my blog page.

  2. This is a wonder! I love tulips but I confess, I am most neglectful of them. Yet they continue to return to me every year. Taking special care like your friend does is a lesson for me in attentiveness. That’s a very good Lenten lesson, Janis.

  3. lovely Janis ~ trees of righteousness, plantings of the Lord…
    i also love His picture painted in Is 58 ~
    our opp to be a well watered garden ~
    this chptr being the focus of my Lenten fast ~
    much to contemplate here …
    thanks for your beauty shared today “)
    tea’s on with some wearin’ o’ the green for
    St Patrick’s! … see you soon!

  4. Hi Janis,

    Yes, accepting where we are planted when the soil isn’t good, meaning your circumstances, isn’t pleasant at all. Experiencing this myself. But as God waters us, we will bloom into something beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Love this. I live in tulip country. They are a major crop in the nearby Skagit Valley. And my mom lives in Arizona, so I know what you mean about the soi! Such a great analogy for your WFW scripture. Thank you.

  6. wow, never thought of it like this Janice, I right away thought of the sower and where the seeds fell when you talked about being a planter, but I love how you got this out of Jer. How often we forget that we are not always placed in the soil we long for but rather have to make due with what we have!