He Has a Plan — 3 Comments

  1. Oh Janis, I can only imagine your emotions with the announcement that your son was joining the Navy. However, I’m thrilled to see that the Lord has done such a wonderful work in your heart. Only God …

    It sounds like you have been such an encouragement to your son and I’m sure that warms his heart. You’re giving him such an amazing send off. He is surely loved and will remember that in the coming days.

    How fun that you went to the Diamondbacks game together as a family. You all look so nice and happy. Love those Diamondbacks; go team!

    My brother went into the Navy when he was the same age as your son. It was the best thing for him even though we cried too. But he came out years later and got his college degree and had a better outlook for his life. He stayed in the reserves for 20 years and now has many benefits for his family as a result.

    Yes, life is hard! I have to agree with you on that. But God is good. Surrendering your son to His capable hands in the best thing to do. Trust God with your son.

    Blessings and love,

  2. How blessed we are to have heroes in our homes!!!

    Jordan will make a fine sailor.

    Indeed that final goodbye was tough — one I’ll never forget — but the man the Lord returns to you is amazing!

    Three combat tours later, and he’s still our son and hubby and father to a precious family.

    Thanx so much for Jordan’s service!!!….and your all’s!

    Our prayers and love are with you 4!!!!
    Les’a & Don (Natan & Yonah, too!)

  3. Oh, this is so wonderful!!! It makes me cry tears of joy!!! Janis, you have come such a long way and I’m so PROUD of you!!! I know the days ahead will be hard, but I’m confident that you will get through them just fine with the help of the Lord. I love experiencing your life events through your writings. You are so gifted and I am so blessed to be your friend.
    I love you,