Hope is the Theme — 12 Comments

  1. A beautiful message to ponder, it’s a reminder for me to always prioritize my relationship with God, to nourish it and not take it for granted.


  2. Janis,
    Seeing HOPE like that leaves me wondering how can we NOT believe…it’s all around us! This was a fantastic reflection on hope…taking the time to prepare my heart for His birth….


  3. I love that illustration and I love “We wait in hope..”
    I stood at my kitchen window today in tears of worship and praise at what the goodness of God has done in giving us rain again…..even today on our first official day of summer. And oh the growth….it is almost unbelievable.
    I felt again the pain of the years when I looked out and saw it as a desert but thanked God that I had felt that pain and had still walked through…in hope till the rains came.
    Oh the glory of it now.

  4. Beautiful flowers and words of wisdom. God is so good and I love Him even more evey day. He doesn’t have to prove anything to us but last week He did. We had a miracle. You can read about it or maybe you did in my WFW last week. Still praising God for His mighty works.

  5. This is such a hope-filled time for me, Janis. Thank you for this beautiful reflection. Have you visited Bonnie at Faith Barista today? She is talking about hope also. I’m heading over there to read a bit too. Can’t ever have too much hope.

  6. @Sherry, pulling the weeds out this Christmas and soaking in His Word are the way to go! Thank you for your insight.

    @Laura, thank you for mentioning Bonnie at Faith Barista. I hoped over there and found some great thoughts on Hope and posts that encouraged me in the Hope of Christmas. I also added a link to her “Thursday Jam” to this post. Thanks, Laura.

  7. Hi Janis,

    This was such a beautiful post.

    “We may be tempted to throw away that relationship because we think we have ruined it.”

    You are such an encourager, sweeping away discouragement that could keep us from God’s love.. and confidently drawing to Him in Advent. Thank you for adding this to the jam, Janis!