Hope Springs Anew–And A Giveaway — 12 Comments

  1. You have a lemon tree? I am so jealous :). What a blessing that is! And what a wonderful gratitude list. Thank you for opening my heart today, Janis.

  2. Congrats on one year!!

    How I loved seeing those little shoots springing forth! And what a great message you brought. How thankful I am for the Root who supports me, and gives me Life!!


  3. Janis thank you for coming by and introducing yoruself from Playdates with God.
    It is late and I am going to come back over and read. But what I have read is beatiful. Love the grateful list. I use to do one in a daily journal it has been a long time.
    Seen them on a few otehr blogs a swell. I may jsut have to jump on the band wagon the grateful list how awesome to think about all the wonderful gifts we are blessed with everyday.

  4. You have a beautiful blog. The words of your heart and the images you capture are a beautiful reflection of the Creator. I’m a new follower 😉

  5. Like Jenny I am relatively new, but I look forward to receicing your post by email as your photos are a poem in themselves, and your way with words is so sweet and gentle. Even comments you post on blogs has my heart singing and amen.
    I pray God blesses you abundantly as you enter your second year of ministering to an ever widening audience,and I pray that you will often receive encouragement yourself, as you so freely give it out to all of us.
    This is a Blog og Blessing, and I thankyou for al you do to make it such a pleasant visit. Well done- and keep up the good work~!
    With loving appreciation,marygems

  6. I can certainly rejoice with you at the signs of life in your trees. I really thought I lost my kiwi and figs, but the leaves are pushing out once again here, too! There’s just something about seeing that, isn’t there? I just lifted my head and said, “Thank you Lord!”
    I compared it to how many times I was so frozen in heart and dead in spirit! The warmth of the Son does miracles!!!