Hubby Gets Out — 14 Comments

  1. glad to hear the good news and I know that feeling you describe…..after the tough stuff….you always feel it…the gratitude…the lightness. Cheering with you.

  2. Deprivation definitely leads to more appreciation. I’m glad your hubby is doing well and you were able to get out.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for adding Venice to your prayers!

  3. I can remember how my mom felt in that same circumstance. If we can only remember the thrill of it all and not take advantage of every day.

  4. Morning Janis,
    You are so right about how much we appreciate
    something when we haven’t been able to enjoy it for awhile. Think maybe that is why the Lord causes us to wait for many things in life, cause if they were quickly handed to us we probably would not appreciate them near as much!!
    We do need joy glasses daily, think we really
    have to look for the blessings cause they are
    there but sometimes we get so wrapped up in life we can miss them. Thanks for sharing, it was a good post.

    Blessings, Nellie
    Oh Yea, and glad your hubby is coming along well, looks like he was enjoying that bagel!! lol

  5. Hubby looks great! Give him my best wishes for continued healing. It’s a long process, but I think he’ll be very satisfied with the result.

    Hmmm – kinda like life, huh?!

    Now where did I put my joy-colored glasses? Oh, here they are! What a beautiful day, Lord!!


  6. A lovely post on your grateful heart! I am glad to hear he is doing well, and that you were both able to enjoy a pleasant outing! 🙂 God has amazing power and perfect timing!

    PS…good luck on your dieting! 🙂