Learning to Let Go; Still Wanting to Hang On — 12 Comments

  1. Dear Janis,

    Launching is difficult, especially when where you aimed is not where they landed. You made it and so will he.

    You posted right before me today at Ann’s and so I came to visit my neighbor.

    God is good,

  2. Janis, I feel so much of your pain. I pray for you to have a heart comforted and peaceful. When my first child left home it was a shock to realize that so much of who I am was still wrapped up in who he was, and what he was to become. I still struggle with it often, but like you, I lift it up to God to give me grace and peace and to keep my children safe. Thinking & praying for you. ~Lori

  3. HI Janis,

    My heart goes out to you – I know your pain – it does get easier and sometimes turns out differently to what you fear. I cannot say more on here and my heart is heavy for more than one reason at the moment, but God knows, God cares, God loves, that comforts me and urges me on, I hope it will you too. God Bless and Keep You – Hugs Nita.

  4. Hi Janis,
    What a joy to see your post today. I can walk along beside you dear sister as I know the steps you are taking. It’s.Hard. Letting go has been the most difficult thing I have done as a mom. It takes time and it’s a journey. We have so many dreams wrapped up in our kids and when they take a direction that’s different from what we have dreamed, we tend to get disappointed.
    I’m praying for you, dear friend. Hang in there. God is faithful and He will see you through.

  5. Oh, sweet Janis! I am so sorry for this difficult season. Even now, my heart just stops when I think of the letting go. It just does not seem possible. I am praying for you, my friend. I am so grateful God gave you this image of the fruit to cling to. Many blessings and hugs across the miles.

  6. You will know that I understand this pain – and the accompanying gripping anxiety and the frantic worrying. Having met your youngest IRL, this hurts me even more.

    I have no wise words, or empty platitudes. Just my heart that cares for you so deeply. Prayers are with you – and I sit alongside you in this extremely difficult time.

    Love you, Janis.