Loved Beyond Measure — 7 Comments

  1. I am always amazed at the way in which God speaks His words to our hearts. I have found myself surprised at the way in which God not only uses our one word but brings us back to it throughout the year to continue teaching & changing us. He truly loves us so deeply. Grateful to be here this morning. May He keep our hearts free – free to love Him & others!

    • Thank you, Joanne, for your words of wisdom and your heart that is always open to His love.

  2. Thanks for sharing Psalm 121:4-5 I have been praying for Israel daily and also thinking of Ceil and Gene serving there. Thanks for the reminder of His promise of faithfulness and love for His children. We are His people! Psalm 100 and He loves us so!
    Love you sister! Keep sharing!

    • Thank you, Julie, for the encouragement, and for knowing the spirit is speaking to our hearts. You bless me my dear friend!

  3. This was so good to read. I felt I was at the retreat with the rest of you, so vividly is it described. And the sense of recognising how much we are loved, you conveyed that just beautifully. Thank you for this.

  4. God has such a way of bringing just the right word to us at just the right time. Tonight, your words have also brought blessed encouragement to my heart. Thank you, Janis, for your beautiful sharing. You will know how it touches my fearful and control-grabbing ways!


    • Hi Sharon, I know how much you and I have similar struggles in the control department. I’m even going through them this week after that beautiful retreat. We need to soak in God’s love so much that we can easily let go of the grip and grasp His hand.
      Love you, my friend,