Made to Warm You On the Inside — 6 Comments

  1. oh yummo!!! This is definitely one that I am going to try! I love dishes like that, and your picture makes it look mouthwatering lol!

    Blessings to you Janis!

  2. “The kind you dream about when the weather is drizzly as you slip into your car for the long ride home. The kind that welcomes you home with heat from the oven warming your whole body.”

    You had me right there. Looks and sounds fabulous, just what we need when the weather is cooling off like it is where we live in Germany now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mmmmmm Janis… sounds yummy though I think I’ve made it back home, it just does not taste the same when I do it here and I even brought egg noodles with me… I have to go check out the Southwestern Chicken Fajitas…they gotta have the ingredients for this one…

    I came over today to leave you an email I was going to send you but your comment was not connected to an email and I did not find one here:0) so here goes:

    Bless you Janis… I’m so glad that you came back and enjoyed this song. What a beautiful blessing to recall this as your love song to Him when you first met and made Him yours as You were already His. It is a worship and song of commitment. I’m so glad that you ventured back and connected to FOLLOW HIM. Let’s follow Him together…and sing this song. EnJOY a wonderful weekend!


  4. I agree with Amanda, Janis–yummo!!

    I think this is something my kids would really like, too, and they are a bit picky. I love how you even give us an ideal situation that calls for this warm-up dish. I think this could be in the rotation during winter, because I always want to warm up!

  5. That looks delicious!!! I make something similar, but never thought to put it all together as a casserole! Thanks for the idea!

    Oh, I noticed your Kroger salad dressing…we haven’t had a Kroger around here in ages, I used to LOVE that store!!! Brings back many childhood memories seeing that logo!

    Have a blessed day!!!

  6. Thank you all for visiting. I’m glad you find this dish great for those cold winter nights coming up. Our friends enjoyed it as well, even though we are not chilly here, yet.
    ~Amanda, it is yummy and mouthwatering. Let me know what you think after you make it.
    ~Ann, always good to have a dish the kids love.
    ~Satakieli, you’re all the way from Germany! So nice to have you visit. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of days that need warming up with a nice steamy hot supper.
    ~Peggy, sorry you couldn’t find the ingredients. Hope the chicken dish works out better for you. Thank you for your sweet note. Have to fix my contact page (?) so an email appears.
    ~Rebecca, that’s so funny about the Kroger salad dressing. Ours comes from their Fry’s grocery store. Isn’t it interesting what catches people’s eye in a photograph? Thanks for visiting.

    From My Heart to Yours,