May His Treasure Pour Forth From Me — 6 Comments

  1. This verse reminds me that the strength i have to overcome difficulties, the knowledge and the wisdom I have all came from Him. In every victory I must give all the glory to Him.

    Lovely photo

  2. That is beautiful! Jars of clay — completely in the Potter’s Hand. Amazing that He would choose to allow His Spirit to dwell in these jars of clay.

    I pray you will be used mightily with your students for His glory!


  3. Janis, you are truly one of God’s great clay jars! Best of luck on the beginning of a new school year. I just know that God’s love will shine through you as you build relationships with your students. They are indeed fortunate to have you.


  4. I agree with Sharon!!! Janis you are amazing and God is going to use you in a mighty Way!!! He chose you for these students and He knows that you are going to be very special in their lives and they will be special in yours. I am very excited for you!!!

    I love you my friend!!!