Refreshment, Freedom, and Love — 8 Comments

  1. Wow!!!! This was right on!!! The scripture , Micah 6:8 is not one that I’m hearing being quoted right now, so it was a great reminder/ refresher and it says it all!! Thank you for sharing your sweet experience today and God’s insight!! Love you! -Ceal

    • Thank you, Cecelia, for stopping by. I thought I’d left a reply but in checking, I see that somehow I missed it. I’m glad my reference to Micah blessed you today. Always blessed to have you here, Ceal. Love you, too!

      From My Heart to Yours,

  2. Jesus first died to give us freedom so we can then pass it on to others. It looks like love, a smile, friendly words, and sometimes getting back to what feels more like normal. Thank you for these words today.

    • Thank you, Mary, for visiting today. Your words always bless me. I’m happy to be linking up with your Tuesday “#Tell His Story.”
      Sending smiles and friendly words your way. May we all enjoy the freedom Jesus came to bring us.

      From My Heart to Yours,

  3. I felt that way the first time I went grocery shopping at the end of Feb after a 6 week post-surgery quarantine- but it was sitting in a restaurant on the outside patio when our town opened its restaurants that I felt giddy with freedom! It had been a season that has challenged faith over fear – so glad faith won! Love your new place!

    • Every time I step outside now, I am so grateful for fresh air that greets me and the freedom I feel. So taken for granted before. I’m glad you like my new site. Heather Mertens and her daughter Em do a beautiful design job. It’s such a reflection of God’s glorious creation and the places I love most. Thank you for visiting.
      From My Heart to Yours,
      Janis Van Keuren

  4. It is critical to distinguish God’s freedom, the lifting of sin with its crippling grip and its condemnation, from the world’s notion of freedom, that I get to do whatever I feel like, whatever pleases me regardless of anyone else.
    God’s freedom releases us to be selfless and seek to bless others, like the man in the grocery store advising about the upcoming strawberries sale.

    • Hi Honey,
      I love seeing your comments. The wisdom you share here amazes me at times. I know what you believe but to see you put it into words blesses me beyond what I can say. Thank you so much for your Godly wisdom.

      From My Heart to Yours Always,