Rescued — 4 Comments

  1. Having rescued two animals from shelters, both cats, I can’t say how many times we have been rewarded by their affection & companionship. Last night at worship we sang a Tommy Walker song about remembering the works of God’s hands. I wonder how many times God has longed for my affection and companionship, times when I’ve just been “too busy”! (Loved your post.)

  2. This is such a powerful, such a beautiful post Janis. My heart aches tonight, after returning our little Bonnie to the shelter after 2 weeks with us.

    She was destroying everything, right down to the flooring (of our rented home). My husband has been teary all day, as he read up on shelter puppies and discovered they do this out of anxiety for being surrendered in the first place. They are nervous and anxious. We would have loved to persevere with her, and we would have if it was our own home.

    I loved, loved, loved how you took this scenario into the Kingdom realm. I am glad that God has rock solid commitment to us, more than we are capable of at times.

    I am so glad your doggy has been blessed to live with you…

    much love,

  3. I have rescued cats ~ with some severe separation anxiety problems! lol I often think how like us they are in their desperation to know they are accepted & loved no matter what ~ & no, no~one here is sending them back to the shelter.