Setting Your Heart — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for this Janis, it confirms in my heart, many things the Lord has been convicting me on, over recent days/weeks.

    God Bless – Nita.

  2. It’s such a blessing, and perfect timing when we are still, listen, and wait on the Lord to speak to us and encourage us. I love the verse you quoted; one of my favorites. And as always, I love your thankful heart! 🙂

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. I love that you wrote about gratitude “in the middle” of it. It changes everything doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing what awakened in you through this experience and the verse. God bless.

    I’m so glad I came by today.

    (visiting from the Write it Girl link up)

  4. Lynn has left a new comment on your post “Thinking On the Lovely”:

    What a thought provoking post with a stunning photo! I am so like you, developed the bad habit of not “immediately” turning off the worry, fear and other negative thoughts. Like you, I have found looking at nature brings the reality of HIS love, care, protection so close. I believe that one cannot truly SEE nature and hold on to worry. I love the way you composed this post. Have been in NC on vac during Oct. The entire month of Nov is showcasing random moments of our trip. You are cordially invited to stop over at WILDFLOWERSANDCOUNTRYROADS.COM whenever you get the chance. Blessings

  5. Oh, just lovely, Janis! I’ve been working on memorizing Colossians this year (we are almost done!) and these verses just melt my heart. So much good in the Word. Don’t you just love it?

  6. This is truly one of my favorite passages. What an amazing week and the blessings just keep on coming!

    Thanks for linking up Janis!

  7. Janis, I came alongside you today, and just had my quiet time with you. Thank you for these wonderful words from Scripture. I love how His Word speaks a word into our hearts at just the right time.

    And be thankful…hmmm. Yes, wise words of admonishment to me, too.

    Wednesday I posted three *surprises* that I have lately discovered from God’s Word. I love that it’s alive and powerful in my life.

    #714?? You were that friend to me today, Janis. And though we didn’t share our coffee and tea IRL, I felt your strong presence and friendship.

    Love you.