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  1. Janis, that is THE BEST blog you have written, in my humble opinion. Not because I had been on your amazing trip…….but because it was very well written and showed your heart with the Lord. I need to connect with my Lord like you are doing. I see your growth in the Lord and your writing skill going up the Eiffel Tower!!!

    • Karen, I am humbled by your comment. Your relationship with the Lord is constant, genuine, and always faithful. And I am grateful to the Lord for bringing us together as close friends who share our “once-in-a-lifetime” travels as couples.

      Love and Blessings,

  2. Welcome back. I was running with you as I read your post. Puff. Puff. Understand totally what you mean if we can’t take the time to really hear the Lord during a Bible study. Better not even to try – we need to do it well to get the best out of it.
    Did you get a chance to see my SIMPLE method of Bible Study? Drop over to see it if you didn’t.

    • Janis, I laughed at you running right next to me. Did I mention the wake-up calls at 6:15, the luggage out 45 minutes later, a half hour to shovel our breakfast down and hop on the bus? I’m hearing, “you’re in the Army now” (ha, ha). It was a great experience though.
      I haven’t seen your SIMPLE method of Bible study so I’ll have to come by and see it.
      Love seeing you here.

  3. Beautifully put. I love your openness to learning from any situation the Lord puts you in. Thank you for this reminder to all of us to take the time to see what the Lord is trying to teach us.

  4. we live in a weird that recognises achievement in the things we do. With God it is an achievement to be still and spend time with him. Thank you for this post a great reminder of priority.

  5. Sounds like a trip full of wonders. I like your analogy–and encouragement to check our the pace of our activities. We need to linger in the Lord’s presence. Yes! Amen.

  6. Janis, what a wonderful trip you had. Even if it was fast and furious, you did get to see some iconic sights. I’ve never been to Europe – never even been to the East Coast! So I did enjoy your photos and recollections.

    But then, you topped it all off with a great lesson. Yes, sometimes we do get caught up in our hectic, busy lives – and the Lord can become a “pit stop” while we race around. We miss so much when we do that, though. And I don’t want to miss Him…

    Thanks for making me ponder my pace – and reminding me that with Him, life is a daily walking by His side.


  7. Janis, wonderful post. You were able to take in some beautiful sights on your trip! But you are so right, how much better when we can stop and linger and take it all in, slowly, like a cold drink we sip for refreshment.
    You brought it around to a beautiful lesson for us all. May we not miss Him in the middle of all we do. May it all be about Him and for Him.

  8. So wonderful you were able to visit so many places! Did you get over to the Baltic States? We lived in Latvia and Estonia for a while planting churches. I was able to see Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Poland. Then when we could find a long layover we would try to see somewhere else in a “whirlwind” like you, lol. We spent five days in Rome, we were missionaries on a budget but we still got to see everything and two days in Paris. If it didn’t change our ticket price, we booked it! 🙂

    But I sincerely loved how you brought this altogether…”He’s given us an invitation to linger with Him…” Oh, how true! May I take the time….

  9. What a lovely post about a lovely vacation and about Bible truth! In this life, we can taste and see that God is good, but in glory, we will have eternity to fully savor the delight of His presence!

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on Saved by Grace!
    Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow Saved by Grace also:
    Love in Him,
    Laurie Collett

  10. I can feel the exhaustion as you made it back from your 21 day tour and your connection to how we go through daily life is spot on. I would love to hear what God is really thinking as He looks upon all of us rushing around trying to do one more thing. Your trip sounds exciting and your photos are beautiful. So glad to meet you today through The Weekend Brew link up. Blessings!

  11. Janis, what and awesome trip! It is so true…so many never really engage with the life God has for them. Sometimes I see people year after year just settled and never really dig in and become a part. Thank you for this great post. I am stopping in from the Telll Me A Story linkup. Blessings, Cathy

  12. We do rush through life when it would be best to stop and wonder at it all.
    Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  13. Good point – very often we are rushing through spiritually, when we would know God so much better if we would stop and gaze in wonder and immerse ourselves in his presence.