TASTY TUESDAY — 9 Comments

  1. this looks divine. thank you so much for stopping by my blog… yes, it was so beautiful to meet ann. the online community is such a gift, no? bless you, sister.

  2. My kids would totally love this dish–and I totally love that you are joining me on Fridays, Janis! What a treat!

    Also, I see that Emily Wierenga commented above–she kindly commented at my post the other day and I couldn’t figure out how to leave her a comment on her website. So I’ll just say hello to her here, too–Hi, Emily!

    Like Emily said, I do love the online community. Here we are mingling in your comments, almost as if we’re around your table smelling that divine pasta dish!

  3. Hi Ann,
    This is fun sharing our relationships on line. Glad you said, “Hi,” to Emily here! We are blessed to have this online family community.

    Hope your family enjoys the Pasta Bake. It’s a favorite with my family.

    From My Heart to Your Heart,

  4. ~Brian, it’s a winner with lots of yummy leftovers.

    ~a little bit of grace, those picky eaters usually love this pasta dish I’ve discovered. You can hardly go wrong with pasta and kids.

    Thanks for visiting,
    From My Heart to Yours,