1. I too have wrestled with similar questions and the scriptures you used here are some I’ve been pouring over lately. I realize more and more every day how utterly dependent I am on Him to love, to forgive and to live by His example.

    You are right to trust and believe that He is with you during this time. How comforting to know He truly is “as near as breath”.

  2. So happy you are feeling the presence of the Lord and know that He is with you always and that friends are encouraging you through scripture. You are loved by God and by those He brings your way!!!!
    I love you my friend,


    PS – This was well written!!!

  3. You have a very beautiful blog Janis with a lot of inspiring posts! I’d like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other 🙂 Thank you for sharing words of love and inspiration. I kind of think some times my mind is like one of those rotating Rolodex’s filled up with stuff, stuff I have to remember, stuff I worry about… But one thing I’m certain of is with God you can run against a troop, and God will have you leaping over walls. (Psalm 18:29). May the Lord bless you richly. ✽KC