The Earth is Full of His Glory — 4 Comments

  1. well, you know I didn’t come from the link. But this is not your first Scripture and a snapshot that I have hearted – and hearted a lot! The squirrel! The squirrel! How adorable – and the beauty of a flower seen up close – even more pretty. And birds – what is it about birds that we like so much? All of the pictures – and the Scripture – it all made me smile. Thank you for this. A little Sunday treat. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day Janis.

  2. I love the Lord’s creation – it’s so varied and so beautiful. And I love how it speaks to the majesty and splendor of the Creator. I love how He has a mind for details, and a heart for beauty. I love how He made us – intricate and delicate, stamped in His image.

    Thanks for a truly lovely post, Janis –


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