The Lord’s Lilies of the Fields in Alaska — 12 Comments

  1. These are beautiful, Janis. To me, there is something special about looking upon the beauty of God’s creation. I always feel especially close to the Creator when I look at the work of His hands.


  2. Janis!
    What splendor and if HE paid such attention to those flowers, how much MORE must HE love us…what a gorgeous display…we are indeed works of His hand…
    beautiful…simply beautiful…

  3. Thank you for this tour of beauty, of God’s creation, and of your trip! All that color, just waggling at the end of the stems out in the fields. So wild; so wonderful.

  4. Breathtaking beauty, Janis. I am amazed at the ability of the Creator to awe us with His vast array of color and texture.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, and your thoughts. I am blessed.