The Market Place Press–A Street Life View — 6 Comments

  1. Janis – What a lovely trip! Really enjoyed the pictures, especially the flowers! God creates such beauty.
    What has me pressed in today? I have been overwhelmed the last couple days – feeling physically “under the weather” and other family concerns have taken their toll – I feel tired. What encouragement your post gave me tonight! There is ONLY one place that my deliverance comes from – only God can give me fresh air and wild hope!

    Thanks for sharing – GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. You in the car is so cute!

    thank you for linking this encouraging-fun post up with Three – the things you don’t consider when you’re pressing through the masses… I appreciate you.

  3. loved the variety of street life you’ve selected~
    thx for posting !
    i’ve been on that ferry ride & visited the elegant Empress ~ in fact, some of their specialty tea is in my cupboard 🙂
    great memories you’ve stirred !! thx Janis ..

  4. pressing even on vacation? I think that’s why I’m procrastinating setting up our trip. Disneyland at Christmas–I know we are going to be pressing flesh.