The Price of Purple — 12 Comments

  1. Oh Janis, how beautifully written this is. You can feel the heat and then see the beauty of these beautiful flowers. God can always give us some refreshing when we are in the heat of things. It is so wonderful when it is so vibrant and we can feel His love. Thank-you for sharing this reminder and for the pictures of these lovely, heaven sent flowers.
    Love you my friend,


  2. Such a beautiful reflection to go with these photos! Fall will be here before we know it, with a welcome break from the heat, but I try to enjoy every day! God’s beautiful creation for all seasons does make it easier 🙂

  3. Oh, such gloriously beautiful photos! Isn’t there something so very special about the color purple? This reminded me of the purple robe of royalty that our dear Savior now wears. Our King – may we kneel before Him always in praise.


  4. How Great Thou Art! I, too, love to find His beauty through the lens of my camera. I also love purple! These delicate purple blossoms deny the intense heat one can feel reading your post. These delicate blooms are so beautiful, so alive in the heat! To me, they say so clearly how the Lord gives us “refreshing” when we need it so badly. Do hope you triple digits come down soon. I am on the Gulf Coast of Fl as we watch Hurricane Irene apparently going up our East coast this week. Beautiful blessings on your week.

  5. How beautiful. I love the purple desert blooms. Especially after a rare rain they really blossom out.
    Thank you for sharing.