The Sea is His — 8 Comments

  1. Having just returned from the ocean, the smell of the rocks and the salt is still fresh in my memory.

    When I am on top of a mountain, watching a sunset with clouds moving about me, clouds that hang low… then I want to raise my voice to Him.

    Your frame is excellent. Shadow and light.

  2. I have never seen the ocean but your photo certainly whets my appetite to want to. Creation speaks of Him in such diverse ways and times.

  3. Claire, mountain top experiences are wonderful.

    S. Etole, all of creation does speak of Him–and you just have to make a trip to the West Coast and take Highway 1 up the coast of California. Breathtaking beauty!

    Sandra, thank you for your comment about the frame. I took this photo 2 years ago and did not even realize I had framed the ocean. Tangible is an interesting way to describe the frame. Thanks for coming by.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  4. Hi Janis, I really like the framed ocean scene. I hear the Lord clearly at the ocean and in the mountains.

    Your blog posts feed hearts, eyes, and spirit.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on the reframing project…

  5. Thank you, Donna, for stopping by. Your comment has blessed and encouraged me.

    I love the ocean and mountains as well for experiencing the Lord’s presence.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  6. Hello Janis,

    I just tried to leave a comment and I don’t think it went through. If this is a duplicate, please excuse it.

    I found your site through a Faithful Blogger comment and just wanted to say what an encouragement your blog is.

    The picture above is so beautiful and I can almost feel the cool sea mist on my face…I lived near the sea in San Diego many years ago and miss it terribly.

    The beauty of God’s creation makes my heart sing for I see His loving hand it it all!

    Blessings to you,