The Skies Show Off — 17 Comments

  1. It looks almost like the tree branches on the side are raising to praise God for the rememberance of His promise in the rainbow…beautiful picture!

  2. Janis, God is sooo present in nature. We just have to stop our busyness and breath Him in. I love the energy in storms and also the colors of summer where I live in Ohio. I feel refreshed visiting your blog.

  3. Ann~yes, we have a monsoon season but it’s not like the kind you think of in an Asian country or the rainforest area. This, however, is our rainy season. Washes flood, streets are closed, the skies become dramatic. It’s energizing–like your lily.

  4. Janis, the picture is beautiful – the wording is poetic – the verse is awesome. Sometimes the sky does show off – and you captured it with three different lenses. Thank you for this. It made me smile. God bless and keep you and all of yours.

  5. Stunning. We don’t see that many here in our neck of the woods, in spite of frequently changing weather.

    So you actually have a monsoon season?

  6. I’ve been in a few of those desert storms. You’re right, it’s a beautiful spectacle. God does indeed do wonderful works in the sky – and He is a Master at working in hearts, too!