The Valuable Seed — 10 Comments

  1. Dorie~I think we all have those days–times, when we don’t trust in the Lord to the depth that He can produce new life in and through us.

    Karen~May His Word continue to lift you up.

    Rachel~I like your added insight. To let the Truth of His Word water the seed we plant.

    Lynn~I’m glad you are encouraged! My hubby is just recovering from knee surgery as well. We should exchange notes. I’ll stop by your place!

    From My Heart to Yours,

  2. Beautiful encouragement, so needed during my hubby’s recovery from knee surgery, as well as in every day life! Thank you. I am your newest follower too. Blessings, Lynn

  3. Beautiful! We have those small pinecones around here as well I always take pictures of them. WOW! I love how you saw the mustard seed of faith in them. Thank you for sharing that so much. Very encouraging and up lifting what an inspiritation.

  4. Janis, Just wanted to show you I do know how to spell your first name! So sorry. I wrote your name/blog name down and spelled “Janice”. I also just came from a post from 2010 with Crator Lake photo. Stunning photo. Also that is exactly how I felt viewing the Rockies in Co. All I could do was sing, HOW GREAT THOU ART. Blessing,

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