We are Princesses — 11 Comments

  1. I had to think the same when I sighed for the magic of a royal wedding and needed a remedy for nagging whispers of jealousy:) Thanks for echoing the truth!

  2. What a sweet post. Thank you for reminding us that, though we may not always feel like princesses, that is just what we are in God’s kingdom. Blessings!

  3. I’m so glad that little bird is still alive! And I am so envious of your girlfriends watching the wedding with you. Here, surrounded by the testosterone, I had no one to “ooh” and “aww” with. But I feel like I’ve just been sitting with you on the couch, savoring that yummy crab quiche!

    I only just had to rearrange my train and tiara just a little to fit. 🙂

  4. Aww… your little bird is still safe! I haven’t seen the wedding (yet), but I did see a few pictures online of the outfits and hats.

    I often need reminding I’m a princess, belonging to the King, especially on very hard days. Thank you, Janis, this gives me perspective!

  5. Janis, this is very good!!! Recently, I received a little book entitled “His Princess Bride, Love Letters from Your Prince by Sheri Rose Shepherd. It is about Jesus writing Love letters to His Princess. Your writing is a good reminder of who we are in Christ and whom we belong to. Thanks for putting Royalty in its proper place.

    Love you,


  6. Wow, Janis!!! What an awesome thought! I have thought of those scriptures with the idea of being a royal priesthood. But never in terms of being a princess!! How special that is! What kind of wedding gown should we wear? When we marry Christ! We are the bride of Christ!!!!!

  7. I’m happy to have become a visitor to your great site. Only a few years ago did I find that I had a Father and that He was King! We are children of the King! Infinitely loved princes and princesses! Lets go play with Him, He’s always willing. Don’t you love it when you’re dancing with Him and He tosses you into the air? Wooo Hooo!
    Thanks for your great site!
    Your brother,the Prince 🙂

  8. Misslenbuster~So glad you have the real Royal Wedding to look forward to someday. It will outshine any wedding here on earth!

    Angel~Sometimes it’s so hard to tell our feelings to get in place behind His Word and what He says about us. I know I struggle with that a lot also. Always looking at the failures, but then that keeps my eyes off of Him

    Ceal~Thank you for sharing about the book you are reading, “Princess Bride, Love Letters from Your Prince.” Sounds like we all need to read that book for encouragement and perspective of whose we are!

    Anna~Little birdie has grown up and flown away–so fast! Just like our kids! Glad to help you realize that on every day you are His princess.

    Laura~You know my house is always full of testosterone. I just got lucky? blessed because Hubby was on a retreat, oldest was buried in his video game cave, and youngest was working. A fun time with the girlfriends.
    And about that tiara and train~mine always needs adjusting! Loved your fun visit.

    Heart N Soul~It was a royally fun time. Thanks for visiting!

    Karen~Isn’t it great how the Holy Spirit is always showing us a new perspective on God’s Word? Love you~Let’s go wedding gown shopping (LOL)

    Hi Len~I’m so glad you stopped by after my visit to your post on the Royal Wedding. Dancing with the King sounds wonderful. Just imagine, I’ll have perfect rhythm them and we’ll be able to do all those fancy steps!

    Thank you all for your precious comments.

    From My Heart to Yours,

  9. Loved this post Janis. And I love that I am a princess. : ) I so enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding ( LIVE!) with my friend Marcia. I remember watching the wedding of Diana and Charles so many years before. Kate’s dress was perfect. Westminster looked so unbelievably beautiful, especially with the trees (field maples that Kate arranged). And my favorite moment, was when they sang my favorite English Hymn…Jerusalem. Goosebumps still. What a great day!