What Happens When the Trees Are Lost — 13 Comments

  1. I just love those words from Habakkuk – “yet I will…”

    I am reminded that I want to say those words, too – no matter what happens, YET I WILL praise the Lord!

    Hope the trees survive – and that you and your husband will be able to enjoy the “fruits” of your labor!


  2. Janice:

    Your posts are always so encouraging. I think of Job’s words, “though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him.”

    Have a blessed day and week, my friend.


  3. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and prayers that our fruit trees will pull through.

    I rejoice that you all were blessed by the Scripture to choose praising the Lord, even when our circumstances look bleak.

    Now to “walk the talk” from my heart.

    Blessings to all of you,

  4. This is a good analogy. I know what your saying about 17 years of hard work. Here in CA. we had a freeze a few years back and my grown shrubs never did come back. I hope your fruit trees comes back with more oranges and lemons than ever before.

  5. Janis, Oh, that is so hard, and yet your post is so encouraging to be faithful to Him. That passage in Habbakuk is one of my favorites, and you illustrated it so well. I pray that you won’t lose your fruit trees!


  6. Great post, Janis. We were moaning (just a little) that so many of our plants in the back yard are dead and will need to be replaced along with ficus trees that may or may not come back. Hopefully they will, but thankfully our orange and tangerine trees seem to be OK. It’s amazing how we can go for years here in the desert with no freeze problems and then just a night or two it dips down too low and pow, the damage is done. I’m glad we can rejoice in spite of these problems. I’m glad we’re given that scripture. It helps so much when things go wrong. Thank you for sharing. And, your pictures are so pretty.