A Feast Fit for Watching the Royal Wedding — 5 Comments

  1. My husband would love that crab artichoke quiche (unfortunately he’s on a diet!).

    So delighted to hear your baby bird flew the nest. And the quail eggs? It’s a regular nature preserve in your backyard, Janis!

  2. Ok, I have no idea why I typed artichoke! Must be some subliminal message: Michelle, must eat artichoke! I admit, crab AVOCADO sounds even better! 🙂

  3. Hi, great dinner/luncheon recipe – pictures were perfect – love the tomato and tuna salad – will make sometime this coming week- still love to start my day with your blogs.
    Love you, Patcee

  4. I say, old chap, this looks positively divine! What a wonderful feast to celebrate!

    For the record, I’ll eat anything involving avocados!! I LOVE them!

    Well, cheerio, and carry on – everything you make looks absolutely delicious!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Janis – you deserve a good one!