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  1. Hi Janis!

    I love that…”Who was witnessing to whom”? God often puts people in front of us whom He wants us to speak to, listen to and be a friend to. Often we, ignore His promptings…but when we actually open our eyes and ears to what God is doing and to whom He is placing before us, we are always blessed!

    Thanks for sharing this experience…and for leaving the encouraging message for me on Google+.

    Trusting Him, Joan

    • Hi Joan~It’s so good to have you here. I’m hoping to once again see the Lord more clearly wherever He places me. It’s amazing and exciting to discover what He wants to do through us or how He wants us to listen!
      From my heart to yours,

  2. Great story, Janis. It reminds me to be more aware of people God places in my path. All too often I go about doing my thing and pay no attention to them but what might I be missing that God wants to teach me, or if He wants me to teach them something. I love how while resistent at first you caught on to how God wanted you to listen to this lady. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

    • Hi Beth, my faithful follower! I’m blessed to hear the lesson the Lord impressed on your heart. It’s exciting to see the Lord wake us up in different situations to hear what He is trying to teach us or how He would like to use us.
      From my heart to yours,

  3. Yup!!! This was good!!!! Love how you are so real in your writing!!! You are a super good writer, Janis Van Keuren!!! Love you!!!

    • Thank you, Ceal. I’m glad this post was real for you. You are my favorite encourager! Love you bunches!
      From my heart to yours,

  4. Very inspiring, Janis. I have trouble adjusting to my life, I have trouble with trouble! I wish I could speak with this woman, too. She sounds very inspirational. Surrender is more than resignation – accepting the Lord’s will and His ways in our lives means more than giving up. May He teach us that ever more…


    • Oh, Sharon, I understand the trouble you are having adjusting to your life that has been turned upside down! Walking through the grieving is part of accepting the Lord’s will and His ways. I know you are doing this as well as faithfully clinging to Him and His word. You probably feel like your feet are stuck in mud but you are really making progress through the valley and up the mountaintop. Just like “Little Miss Much Afraid” in “Hinds Feet in High Places” you will reach the top of the mountain and be filled with total acceptance and peace. It’s a tough journey, and I’m walking it with you.
      Love you, Sharon!!! Sending hugs your way.
      From My Heart to Yours,

  5. Acceptance of a situation that we can’t change is difficult and the lady certainly was showing her light regardless. For me I do accept God’s will when I know it is His will – otherwise I would go for the therapy. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

    • It is definitely difficult to accept circumstances or health situations in life that we have no control over. To willingly submit to God and accept all as coming from His hand is amazing.
      Thank you for coming by, Hazel.
      From my heart to yours,

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