Be Still And Know He is Near — 18 Comments

  1. I love this post Janis! Terrific sea shell picture, and that’s exactly what I do too! It also leads me to dream that someday the Flicker Chicks should hit the beach! It’s only appropriate! : ) Talked to Marsha, she’s interested in October too. I’ll get back to you!

  2. OH! And that’s the second time someone posted Still for me to see. I think the Lord might be telling me something!!!! Love it! I go outside to remember Him. I see Him in the sunlight, the trees, the sky.

  3. I love that verse, and the reminder that the shells can draw us back to the sea..and love singing this song when it comes up in the worship team.

  4. Living by the beach, I just adore this WFW. Only, we don’t have shells, especially not beautiful ones like your picture.

    Beautiful song too Janis. I know most of Hillsong songs, but have not heard this one… it is very soothing.

    Bless you dear one, this WFW!

  5. When God seems far away, I look for Him in His Word. Just today I had some “issues” I was praying about. I wrote down my thoughts, and ended by saying, “Please become REAL to me.” Then when I opened my Bible, and did my daily read-through passages, RIGHT THERE were EXACTLY the verses I needed to hear. It was like He SPOKE to me! Oh Lord, thank you for Your gracious Presence – for the REALITY of who You are, even when You seem far away.
    Thanks for sharing, Janis!


  6. GORGEOUS picture Janis!
    You know it’s funny, I believe He pulls us back so that we will have no other option than to “be still.” Being present is usually what we’ve forgotten to do…
    I LOVE this and it’s a reminder that I can certainly use!


  7. Thanks Janis! Now living in the hills of WV, I often miss the Gulf shores. Your picture reminds me of not only stilling myself before Him but of His faithfulness to reach down touching my emptiness.