Pulled Taut — 3 Comments

  1. I have always craved, prayed and whined for the predictible in my life. However, God had other plans and I have had to learn to be flexible. Each change helped me to see His faithfulness more clearly. Thank you for this post and I hope you will not have to wait long to see God’s new plan revealed. Blessings to you!

  2. Janis,
    The hardest part is not seeing the big picture. Not having all the puzze pieces to complete the puzzle. But, HE know what lies ahead. I love the old hymn, “I Don’t Know About Tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand.”
    I noticed we did not have a link to Ann today, I am sure she is still trying to absorb and love on her family. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the pictures and will be thinking of you!
    IN HIM,

  3. Janis,

    I pray that God will give you peace about your “unpredictable” future. I am not a person who abides “uncertainty” well. I feel anxious and unsettled – as you so well put, I feel “pulled taut.” Thank you for your encouraging words. It is such a blessing to know that I do not travel this journey alone – I have God (absolutely!) and I have fellow-believers like YOU!


    p.s. The pictures of the puppy were TOO precious! And Chip was so cute, too – just watching over that “little thing” – a little curious, and a little protective! 🙂