Campfire Omelet — 7 Comments

  1. Oh boy! I know who’s coming along for the ride the next time my husband and I go camping!! Janis – affectionately nicknamed “Cook Wagon!”

    This looked so delicious – I could almost smell and taste it!

    Yeah, I’d count it as a chicken dish!

    GOD BLESS, Janis – have a wonderful weekend!

  2. As you know from my own post, I love these hearty dishes for breakfast! This is a great way to feed a hungry bunch of boys–or girls! 😉

    So glad you’ve linked to Food on Fridays!

  3. I used to make something like this in college, but I never thought to add the bacon. Good call! Now that I’m back in college, I might have to try this dish out your way!

  4. ~Sharon, you are so funny! Camping and cooking! I like to keep it simple when I go camping. Spaghetti, mac n cheese, cereal, pancakes for a treat—and maybe a steak over the campfire one night. I’ll have to tell that story another time!

    ~Kim, Omelets are a great way to get protein while in college. And they’re so easy to make! Hope you enjoy. Thank you for visiting today.

    From My Heart to Yours,