Cancel — 6 Comments

  1. We wish that we could wash away
    those things that cause distress,
    to wake unto a bighter day
    unburdened by the stress
    of having now to take our place
    on the side of God,
    and offer kind and severe grace
    to a world so badly flawed
    that it may seem beyond repair,
    a total loss for rubbish tip,
    but if we find that we can care,
    and hold our mocking lip,
    we’ll heal this sad land piece by piece
    and Satan’s plans we shall surcease.

    • Thank you, Andrew, for stopping by.
      Your thoughts pierce at the heart of our distress and our need to offer grace. Beautifully done.

      From My Heart to Yours,

  2. Good morning from your FMF neighbor (#41)! So valuable to hear you draw out the lessons that linger from this year of shifting. Thank you for sharing your insights and the gifts of this year, with a hopeful eye for the one to come. Blessings with your book proposal and writing journey!

    • Angelique,
      Thank you for stopping by! I need to head over to your post and see what thoughts raced through your mind with the word prompt.
      Thank you for your blessings on my book writing journey ahead.

      From My Heart to Yours

    • Hi Sandra,
      So nice to meet you. I’ll have to stop by your place and find out what the word, “Cancel,” brought to your mind.

      From My Heart to Yours,