Carrying the Cross Daily — 11 Comments

  1. A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger..— this is so true, tested and proven. although our earthly body still wants to get even, this verse really is true.

  2. I seem to be drawn to hymns tonight

    Dying with Jesus, by death reckoned mine;
    Living with Jesus, a new life divine;
    Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine,
    Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.


    Moment by moment I’m kept in His love;
    Moment by moment I’ve life from above;
    Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine;
    Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.

    Never a trial that He is not there,
    Never a burden that He doth not bear,
    Never a sorrow that He doth not share,
    Moment by moment, I’m under His care.


    Never a heartache, and never a groan,
    Never a teardrop and never a moan;
    Never a danger but there on the throne,
    Moment by moment He thinks of His own.


    Never a weakness that He doth not feel,
    Never a sickness that He cannot heal;
    Moment by moment, in woe or in weal,
    Jesus my Savior, abides with me still.


  3. Janis – you are right, taking up our cross is not always popular or easy. Many want the Christian life only when it is “convenient” or “easy”. But to truly walk in a manner worthy of Him is to daily pick up our cross and follow.

    Wonderful post!


  4. Janis….this was fabulous. I’m just getting on today after a morning of no connectivity…and this WORD was just powerful…
    thank you for sharing it…picking up that cross…and hopefully helping others carry theirs…


  5. Ah, we do move from situation to situation that require us to pick up our cross again and carry it… denying ourselves for Him and truly He asks us because it’s His best for us! Great WFW!

  6. Thank you! God has given you a special gift. Love your blog. How wonderful how you share His heart & word!

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  7. Very good! I wish I had read this at the beginning of the day instead of at the end. Tom fulfilled this beautifully but not me! I wish I had known you are doing a Cynthia Heald study! Do you know I love that woman dearly… favorite godly woman!

  8. thank you for entering me on your giveaway. i really appreciate it. i also hope my name will be picked. thank you, janis. God bless!